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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Dive Log Tel Aviv: Customer Testimonials

Underwater photography contest

Me, Tomer Lavi, the diving instructor, took the 3rd place in a local underwater photography contest, in the amature category. This is the winning photo, it got me a new pair of fins :-)
The wining photo, by Tomer Lavi

A giant cuttlefish drifted to the Tel Aviv beach

On one of the breaks between the rainy days, we had a chance for a morning dive to the Gordon caves. The water was clear, as they are always in this season, and we couldn't imagine the surprise that this dive prepared. The winter storms brought a giant cuttlefish that regularly lives in the depths. The storm probably worned him out, poor guy.
A giant cuttlefish in Tel Aviv A giant cuttlefish in Tel Aviv

Shootout contest in Eilat, Red Sea

This year I visited the yearly photography event. Didn't compete, just had some wonderful photography dives, and maybe compete next year. Watch some of my pics here, and my albums on

A red frog fish in the Red Sea A Moray in the Red Sea A green frog fish in the Red Sea A tube fish in the Red Sea
An orange coral crab in the Red Sea

Night Dives season in Tel Aviv

The automn nights are great for diving. The water is warmer than the air, and nothing compares to a long, calm, night dive. Watch the shrimp dig into the sand!

A Shrimp on a night dive in Tel Aviv A Shrimp on a night dive in Tel Aviv A Shrimp on a night dive in Tel Aviv A Shrimp on a night dive in Tel Aviv
A lobster on a night dive in Tel Aviv

Crab season in Tel Aviv

These days we see plenty of crabs on every dive. There are the big sailor and blue sailor crabs, and the big red crackers. We also see a lot of the little monk crabs and even the bigger ones hiding in big sea shells

A Sailor Crab on a dive in Tel Aviv A Cracker Crab on a dive in Tel Aviv
A big Monk Crab on a dive in Tel Aviv Small Monk Crabs on a dive in Tel Aviv

More Scuba Dive Israel in the media

On this month we were interviewed to the local trip magazine of the National Geographic family, and to the Israeli channel 2 portal. Tomer Lavi, the owner of Scuba Dive Israel, took the reporter to an exciting introductory dive to theTel Aviv reef
View the article about diving in Tel Aviv area
View the article on channel 2 portal about diving in Tel Aviv with Scuba Dive Israel

The diving courses season

Everybody wants to dive in the summer. We had several diving courses going, and everybody were really amazed to discover the underwater world. On our course dives we saw crabs, octopus, groupers and triggers. We even saw some rays! We dived to a couple of ship wrecks for the deep dives, and by the end of the courses everybody wanted to return to dive as soon as possible.

A StingRay on a dive in Tel Aviv An Open Water course dive in Tel Aviv
An Open Water course dive in Tel Aviv An Open Water course dive in Tel Aviv

Scuba Dive Israel in the press

Since Scuba Dive Israel started operating in Tel Aviv, interest in diving adventures is growing. Tomer Lavi, the owner, is being interviewed in the media, as an expert of the diving locations that Tel Aviv offers
Tomer Lavi in the newspaper about private diving in Israel Tomer Lavi on a morning show, about diving in Tel Aviv

The twosome dives season

Many couples enjoyed the warming water for a pair-dive. We even had one underwater wedding proposal... Watch the video!

Roni and Elad on a dive in Tel Aviv 
A wedding proposal on a dive in Tel Aviv A wedding proposal on a dive in Tel Aviv

The beautiful season of spring in the Mediterranean

These are the best days to dive in Tel-Aviv. The water is clear, and temperature is warm, and plenty of sea creatures everywhere. Just have a look at the pictures and enjoy.

A lobster on a dive in Tel Aviv A crab on a dive in Tel Aviv
A scorpion fish seen on a dive in Tel Aviv A diver on a dive in Tel Aviv

Clayton is back

Clayton is back in Tel-Aviv for a business trip from his work. We had a perfect sea for a sunrise dive to the Gordon Caves.The visibilty was endless. We saw a lot of Nudibranches and a huge lobster.

Clayton on a dive in Tel AvivThe Gordon Caves dive in Tel Aviv
A Nudibranch seen on a dive in Tel AvivA Lobster seen on a dive in Tel Aviv

The Ellman's, Itay, and Ido

George Ellman was visiting Israel for the holidays, and together with his 2 sons we planned a diving day. We started with a quick refresher and took the boat to the Dredger 20 meter deep wreck. Itay and Ido joined us on the boat. Although we didn't find the Dredger itself we had a great dive, and great diving conditions. We had the oppurtinity to take some underwater pictures.
Everybody had a good diving day and George promised to return next time he comes to visit Israel.

The Ellmans on a boat dive in Tel AvivThe Ellmans on a dive in Tel Aviv
Itay on a boat dive in Tel Aviv

My wonderful kids doing an introductory dive

I took my 2 boys to an introductory dive in the pool. They were amazed and anjoyed it a lot. First I gave them a few minutes to get adjusted to the scuba gear, then I took a colorful ponpon for them to play with, placed it on the bottom and they were swimming across the bottom of the pool to get it. We had a lot of fun.
Next we are going to dive in the sea
Yuval on an introductory dive in Tel AvivNimrod on an introductory dive in Tel Aviv

Sabina and Dima

Dima celebrated his birthday, congratulations! Sabina surprised him with an intro dive. We had a great afternoon dive
After the dive, Dima says:
"I definitely want to take diving course!"
Sabina and Dima diving in Tel Aviv

Maya and Raviv

Maya and Raviv asked to taste the underwater experience before deciding on a diving course. We had a great sunny morning for diving
After the dive, Maya says:
"Now I am sure I want to take the diving course!"
Maya and Raviv diving in Tel Aviv


Nathan celebrated his birthday, and his friend Sabina surprised him with an introductory dive. We inflated a colored balloon underwater... :)
Nathan says:
"Thanks for the surprise, diving in my birthday was a beatiful experience!"
A Blenny from a dive in Tel Aviv

A dive to the Peanuts ship wreck

It was summer weather - just perfect for a dive to the Peanuts wreck. We saw big group of Flute Fish, and were left breathless from the huge wreck.
The peanuts ship wreck in Tel AvivThe peanuts ship wreck in Tel Aviv


Margaret visited Tel-aviv for 2 days and just had time to catch a dive before the rainy weekend. We saw 2 Electric Fish! Margaret says:
"I had a good time in Israel and part of it was due to you and Jordan. Diving in Tel Aviv was fun. Although everyone I met during this trip was telling me that Eilat is the place to dive in Israel, I really enjoyed diving to the Gordon caves (Eilat was not on our plan this time). Besides the caves, that are the closest thing to cave diving an open water diver can get, Jordan and I had the chance to meet a few colorful fishes and worms, one squid (of about 50 cm) and one pair of guitar fishes."
Glass worms from a dive in Tel Aviv

Jenny, Dolphin, Mickey, Daniel, Tal and Alon

It was a terrific sunny Friday morning, and we had a lot of divers. We split to Two groups and headed for a couple of dives in the reef. We went for the deep reef in the first dive, and made the second dive to the shallow side. We saw a couple of cuttlefish, a group of glass worms and a beatiful Blenny.
Jenny liked the shallow water dive even better, and Daniel just asked when are going to dive once more...
Jenny and Daniel diving in Tel Aviv

Friday morning diving in Tel Aviv

Brian from the US

Brian volunteers in Israel for a year. He took the opportunity to learn diving. We made the confined water sessions in Tel Aviv and continued the course in Eilat. Brian was amazed by the beautiful scenes he saw for the first time. Brian says:
"The diving course was a lot of fun. When do we dive again?"
Brian in a diving course in Tel Aviv

Mauritz from Denmark

Mauritz came from Denmark to visit his sister who lives in Tel Aviv. Just as we descended we bumped into a big flute fish who was staring at us, as much as we stared at him :-) We had a very long calming dive that left us with a taste for more. Mauritz says:
"Your reef is full of sea life and the visibility was excellent. I had a great calm, long dive with you"
A scene from a dive in Tel Aviv Israel

Yuki from Canada

Yuki is a journalist from Canada. She was happy to clear a morning for a sunrise snorkeling session just outside the Tel Aviv wave barrier. We saw large groups of reef fish and sardines. We also saw some Mediterranean peacock fish and sailor crabs. The surprise of the morning was a cloud of catfish swimming just below us. Yuki said:
"I loved your sea and would like to return for a discover scuba dive session"

Clay from Ireland

Clay visits Israel on a several week project from his work for a phone system company. Clay took advantage of our schedule and joined us for a weekend dive and a sunset dive. Clay brought his own underwater camera and was happy to find many crabs hiding inside the rocks. Clay says:
"You have some wonderful diving sites in Tel Aviv. The sunset dive was a real pleasure just what is needed after a day's work"
A crab from a dive in Tel Aviv Israel

James from South Africa

James arrived to Israel for business he had in Tel Aviv. James had just completed his open water course and was happy to dive as much as he could. The sea was in a perfect condition this week, and presented a real treat in one of our dives: a Guitar fish! James said:
"It came as a surprise to my Israeli colleagues that there was anything of interest to see so close to the beach in Tel Aviv, but there was certainly enough to keep me interested, and your knowledge of the dive site and ability to spot what was worth seeing was a real bonus. As a novice diver, I particularly benefited from the developmental aspects of the dive: under your guidance, I found my ability level improving sharply, and the clarity of your explanations of techniques and disciplines was very helpful, and your willingness to arrange the dives around my business schedule meant that I was able to achieve an unusual combination of work and relaxation"
James in a dive in Tel Aviv Israel

A Guitar fish seen on a dive in Tel Aviv Israel

Dave from the UK

Dave visited Tel Aviv on a rainy week, but we were able to squeeze in a dive just before the sea got too wavy. Actually it already started to rain when we went out of a calm long dive in the warm water, so the rain was nice to feel and we didnt have to wash the gear :-)
Dave and I had so much fun, Dave was very sorry that the weather didnt allow more dives. Dave said:
"The reef is beautiful, I really want to return here"

Alan and Jacob from Mexico

Alan and Jacob contacted me while there were on a trip in Israel and I suggested a dive in Tel Aviv. The water is getting colder but still warm enough and a suit was not needed. We had a sunny day and a nice visibility underwater. Alan said:
"We had a great dive, next dive we want to rent the boat and go to the deeper reef"
Alan and Jacob on a dive in Tel Aviv Israel

Ramon from Chile

Ramon and I were lucky on a beautiful Friday morning. The water is warm enough to dive wearing shorts. After diving in all the great places in the world, Ramon was still amazed by our dive to the Gordon Caves. The bonus of the dive were the huge group of smelt fish, we were diving within a big cloud of them. Ramon was excited to film this group and concluded:
"I was very happy to dive with you this morning, thank you for the amazing dive."
Ramon on a dive in Tel Aviv Israel
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