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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

About diving in Tel Aviv, Israel

Before you dive

Insurance - Israel diving authority requires that every diver must hold a personal diving insurance. We, at Scuba Dive Israel offer an immediate personal insurance policy. Contact Us for details.
Scuba Dive Israel holds an extended 3rd party liabilty insurence policy. DAN membership #247605.2049.0062 - MPS

Diving permit please bring your diver card and your logbook with you.

Skills Refresher course by the Israeli diving regulations, a diver (OW or AOW) that did not perform a dive for 6 months, or cannot present a such signed dive, is required to take a skills refresher course. See our Services page for details on the refresher dive.
Octopus eating a catfish on a dive in Tel Aviv

Diving seasons in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is friendly to divers most of the time. The best periods to dive are Septmber-December and March-June. In the winter, on January-February, the sea can be perfect and crystal clear between the storms. On July-August there is a constant wind from the west which usually keeps the sea in fair diving conditions, although not perfect. Call us to check on the current weather.
A Blue Sailor Crab on a dive in Tel Aviv

When do we dive?

We dive every day, unless the weather is bad.

You can register to one of the optional dives, subject to availability:

6:30am Sunrise dive for early birds and business travellers.

11am Morning dive.

5pm / 6pm Sunset dive for late beginners and business travellers.

Cuttlefish on a dive in Tel Aviv
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