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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Diving Courses in Tel Aviv

Learn to dive with us in Tel Aviv

Diving Courses

Learn to dive with a private instructor.
Take a quality diving course and make sure you receive the best training that will prepare you for the underwater adventures.
We offer private courses for 1-2 persons and semi-private courses for up to 4 persons.
Our courses promise you maximum underwater time for exercise and even for some fun diving, with the maximum attention from the instructor. When you get longer diving time in your course, you get more time to develop your underwater skills.
All the courses are given by our top instructors.
  • Scuba Diver - Your easy access to the diving world. Just a *2-Day course* that certifies you as a first level diver. Certified "Scuba" divers may participate in any dive guided dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters. This is more than enough to many recreational diving activities, and it gives you an easy way to start scuba divin in short time. You can always resume your training to higher diving level. Read about other courses below.
    Course price - 1,750NIS

  • Open Water diver - The basic diving course. A 5 day course with 10 scuba dives. The course starts with 5 dives in confined water and continues with 6 open water dives, including 2 boat dives. Maximum depth - 18 meters.
    Course price - 2,750NIS

  • Full Advanced Training (Advanced Open Water) - Develop advanced diving skills. A 7 day course, with 16 scuba dives. Maximum depth - 30 meters.
    Course price - 3,750NIS 

  • Advanced Adventurer (Advanced Open Water) - For certified Open Water divers. A 2 day course, with 6 open water dives. Maximum depth - 30 meters.
    Course price - 1,750NIS 

    *There is a 250NIS discount for courses in Hebrew

  • Nitrox Diver - Learn to dive with Oxygen enriched air.

  • Specialty Diver - A wide range of diving specialties, such as night diving, underwater navigation, computer aided diving, Underwater photography and more.

Private Dive in Tel Aviv

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