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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv Dives for the business traveller

If you are visiting Israel for business, or you are a student , or you have working commitments and you can't allocate time to dive between meetings we have the best diving solution for you: Sunrise and Sunset dives - The best time to dive!
Experienced divers know that the shift-change hours are the best time to dive - Early in the morning and at sunset. This is when you can see all the different sea creatures.
If you want to learn to dive but can't fit your schedule we have the solution for you - *a private diving course*. Scroll down to read more.

Sunrise Dives

Scuba Dive Israel offers early morning dives. We meet at 6:30am and by 8:30am you are ready to go, and you are already in the center of Tel Aviv.
In the morning hours we expect to see groups of Signaus searching for food, Crabs and more sea life
After the dive you will enjoy a nice shower and a good cup of coffee and you are as good as new, with an unreplacable feeling for the day.
You will get on time to your morning meeting easily when you leave our diving center which is conveniently located on the Tel Aviv beach. Park your car in the parking lot , or use the Tel Aviv extensive public transportation to get anywhere in Tel Aviv within minutes.
*Sunrise dives are available to a minimum group of 2 divers
A sunrise dive in Tel Aviv

Sunset Dives

Tired after a day's work? Dive with us at sunset and forget from all your worries. We meet at 6:30pm, get on our gear and hurry into the ever calming waters of the Mediterranean.
In the evening, the sea predators launch their search for prey. We will find Octopuses, sailor crubs and cracker crabs, Serranuses and groups of Axe fish searching for food under the cover of the darkening water.
Enjoy a warm shower and our special herbal tea after the dive. We promise you that tonight in your sleep you will enjoy the feeling of the sea hammock.
A sunset dive in Tel Aviv

Diving Courses

Take advantage of your visit to Tel Aviv and learn to dive. We will create a course plan that suits your schedule, and by the time your visit ends you will be a certified diver!
For more info see our Diving Courses Page
A Fish Group seen on a dive in Tel Aviv

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