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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Our Boat Dives in Tel Aviv area

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A shrimp on a dive in Tel Aviv

The Peanut ship wreck in Jaffa

Just west to one of Israel's beautiful beaches in Jaffa, a new ship wreck was discovered.

The wreck, which was discovered by Israeli divers recently, is considered to be an old Egyptian steam ship that used the serve on the commerce line to Europe. The ship was reported to drown outside the old Jaffa port early in the 20th century.

The wreck lies in the shallow water and is accessible from the beach. Diving to the wreck will find it in a relative conserved condition. We will see the steam boilers and the inside of the ship. Naturally, as in every wreck, a whole colony of sea life developed on the wreck, which promises us a nice pleasant dive.

We will walk through the fishermen's shallow lagoon and carefully cross the rocky surface over to the water outside the natural barrier. A short swim will bring us just above the wreck and a short decent will start our wreck adventure.

A sea horse on a dive in Tel Aviv

The Oil Channel

Outside the Tel Aviv port lies the Old Oil Channel to use to convey oil from the Middle East to Europe. The channel is not in use anymore and was replaced by newer ones.

Wherever an object lies in the water, you can bet life will find a way to inhabit it. We will anchor the boat above the channel and will descent to it using the anchor cable. We will dive to a 15 meters deep ground and swim along the channel to explore the colony that developed around it.

Thorns on a dive in Tel Aviv

The Sea Wolf

About 4 miles west to the Jaffa port lies an old battle ship – The Sea Wolf

This dive is for the experienced divers – a wreck that lies 30-32 meters deep.

The wreck is 40m long and rich with fish and other sea creatures. The big ship lies parallel to the slope, where it's bottom deeper. We will swim around the ship and explore the wreck. On the end of the dive we will ascend using the anchor cable.

The trip to the boat takes about 15 minutes each way.

A Nudibranch on a dive in Tel Aviv

Deep Reef

The further you sail west to Tel Aviv, the deeper the rocky reef gets. In the deeper reef dives we will meet a new variety of sea creatures
A Morena on a dive in Tel Aviv
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