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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Daily Dives in the Tel Aviv area

Check the amazing beach diving locations we offer in the Tel Aviv area
A diver on a dive in Tel Aviv beach

Gordon Caves

Our most popular and one of the most beatiful diving location in the Mediternean shores of Israel is the Gordon Caves diving site.
The Gordon Caves are a part of a rocky strip that streches just next to the Israeli shore line, where a unique attraction lays - The Caves. The reef just outside Gordon Beach is deeper and the rocks which forms it are bigger and taller. As a result, the Gordon reef promices magnificent topology and the crown of the dive - the caves.
While gliding throught the rocky reef we will find several caves. Some of them smaller, some are nice swim throughs and to some you can actually penetrate.
All caves promise wonderful sea life - octopus and Axe fish, Thorn fish
Towards the end of the dive we will leave the reef for a short underwater swim through the sandy bottom to the wave barrier

Caves from a dive in Gordon Tel Aviv

The Bird Head Canyon

Outside the mythological Mezizim beach lays the Bird Head Canyon.
The Mezizim reef is called Bird Head after the bird statue that stands on the top of the hotel above the beach.
The reef is a bit shallower than the Gordon Caves but closer to the beach so the swim to it is much shorter. The rock structure is typical to the Mediterranean reef and some say that the Mezizim Canyon excels in its rich marine life.
But undoubtedly the climate of the dive is the canyon. A long natural crack that crosses the reef from west to east hides a deep view to underwater life. While gliding over the rim of the canyon we will watch sea creatures swimming peacefully beneath us, deep inside the canyon.
The dive starts west to the wave barrier. We will wonder south through the reef until we hit the Canyon. After exploring the canyon we will swim back towards the wave barrier which is always surprising and a nice end to the dive. We will swim along the rocks to the north side and enter the Mezizim beach.
A Gellyfish on a dive in Tel Aviv Bird Head Canyon

Caesarea underwater old port*

A worldwide unique diving attraction the entire old port of Caesarea has sunk and now is a part of the reef.
A diving route, signed and roped, marks the port and its structure. The old port was built by king Herod. We will see the port entrance, the towers and the wall. The port is surrounded by a set of wave breakers for the protection of the ships. These deep rocky artificial reefs host a wonderful marine world of life.
The port is relatively deep, so we will descent right at the entrance.
On the Caesarea old port dive we will meet octopuses, Nudibranch
*Available to groups of 3 and up
A Scorpion Fish on a dive in Caesarea Tel Aviv

The Great Rock of Bat-Yam*

Bat-Yam is a beautiful suburban that borders Tel Aviv south of Jaffa. One of Bat-Yam's attractions is the Great Rock beach - An artificial lagoon that creates a small paradise-like beach resort. This is the place if you want to meet the who's and who's in Bat-Yam. Dont miss the summer night parties!
We, as divers, always like rocky water, and therefore the Great Rock lagoon is one of the most diving delights in the Tel Aviv area.
A semi-natural semi-artificial reef lies outside the lagoon with typical Mediterranean marine seeing.
We will swim to the great rock, climb on the plateau surface and jump over outside the rock. We will swim outside the lagoon and head to the beach to exit.
This is a nice swim dive, always promising interesting encounters with marine creatures.
*Available to groups of 3 and up
A sea shell on a dive in Bat-Yam Tel Aviv
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