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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Scuba Dive Israel: Leading recreational diving

Scuba Dive Israel diving instrucotrs specialize in private, recreational, fun scuba-dives in Israel. Scuba Dive Israel offers a range of sportive dives:
Plan your visit: Our instructors have studied the two wonderful seas that Israel offers for scuba diving activity - the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and created a unique selection of perfect diving locations for your best diving adventure! Visit our diving locations section to learn about our offer of exciting dives.

The Scuba Dive Israel new concept: Private guided diving

All our diving activity is considered as private. Our diving groups include 1-4 divers. By this we promise 100% success. We plan your dive according to your skills and preferences. If you like "action" we have the perfect dive for you, and if you prefer relaxed dive - you can bet on us. If you need somebody to guide you to the best spots for Underwater Photography - nobody knows the underwater of the Tel Aviv region and the Eilat gulf better than us.
We do longer dives! Our dives last at least 50% more than regular guided dives. We believe that each diver should enjoy a long, relaxed dive, with no hurry to return to the club because the instructor is due to the next dive. When you join our long dives you get the full time needed to appreciate the scenes that the diving site offers.
Catfish group from a dive to Gordon Caves in Tel Aviv

Private Diving Courses

Learn to dive with us!
We offer private courses for 1-2 persons, and semi-private courses for 2-4 persons. Our diving courses are designed to give students the maximum water skills and experience, so when you get certified you can enjoy the wonderful underwater world safely
Private Guided Dive In Tel Aviv

Scuba Dive Israel knows the best diving locations

Nobody knows where to dive in Israel as well as Scuba Dive Israel. We have great experience on having fun and exploring dive sites. Therefore we know best each and every dive site and the best spots for diving. Our instructors will easily navigate you to the most secret and attractive spots, from the Gordon Caves to the Bird Head Canyon.
Each of our selective dive sites was explored by us many many times until we reached perfect orientation and knowledge of it. Unlike course instructors that only know the entry to a dive location, and stay in one place for exercising, we explored our diving sites again and again in order to promise you a 100% guarantee for a perfect adventure.
In addition we offer a variety of boat dives. One of the Mediterranean's most busy sailing courses runs opposite to the shores of Tel Aviv. Check our boat diving section to find interesting ship wreck dives. If you want to dive deeper to natural reefs, our reef boat dives are just for you. Click here to visit our deep reef boat dives.
Our Diving Instructor on a dive in Tel Aviv

Diving adventures for the business tourist

If you can't dive during the day we have the best diving solution for you: Sunrise and Sunset dives - you can dive before or after your daily activity. There is nothing better than going to work after a wonderful morning dive. Sunset dive is the best way to relax after a day's work.
Scenery from a dive Tel Aviv

The Scuba Dive Israel specialty: Underwater Photography

One of the most excitements of the diving experience is underwater photography. Taking underwater pictures is an art that requires many skills. From perfect diving technique, to photography knowledge and familiarity with the dive site and its underwater life and structure.
We at Scuba Dive Israel specialize in underwater photography. Whether you want us to take pictures of you and your buddies and create a wonderful memory of your dive or you are an underwater photographer that needs someone to take you to the right place - Scuba Dive Israel is the perfect club for you.
A photo of a diver from a dive in Tel Aviv

Why Scuba Dive Israel?

Professional qualification - Our instructors were qualified on an SSI diving school and are active members of the Scuba Schools International diving organization.
Professional supervision - Scuba Dive Israel performs its activity as a part of a local SSI diving center and all activity is supervised by the center's professional manager.
According to Israeli diving regulations, every guided dive should be performed under the supervision of a diving center. Since Scuba Dive Israel operates within a central dive shop for diving services, all diving activity meets the following standards:
  • All divers receive their diving gear and tanks from a certified SSI center.
  • The diving equipment is maintained and inspected regularly to insure 100% quality and safety.
  • All diving activity is insured both by the diving center and a personal diving insurance policy that covers each of our instructors.
    Scuba Dive Israel holds an extended 3rd party liabilty insurence policy. DAN membership #247605.2049.0062 - MP
The best diving instructors in Tel Aviv
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