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Scuba Dive Israel - guided scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel

Scuba Dive Israel - #1 Diving In Tel Aviv Israel

Scuba Dive Israel specializes in Private Guided Diving .
We offer fun scuba-dives and diving courses in Tel Aviv Israel  >> Read more

Electric Fish seen on a dive in Tel Aviv

Diving attractions in Tel Aviv

Amazing diving locations next to the Tel Aviv shores!
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Cuttlefish seen on a dive in Tel Aviv

Are you on a business trip?

We have a special diving schedule for the busy people!
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Private Dive in Tel Aviv

A Diving course in Just 2 days!

Get certified in just 2 days. An easy entrance to the underwater world.
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Reef dive in the Eilat gulf of the Red sea

Dive IN The Red SEA

Discover the beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Eilat gulf.
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